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Meiki no Shoumei 8: Hibiki Ootsuki NEU

Meiki no Shoumei 8: Hibiki Ootsuki

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With Meiki no Shoumei 8 Nippori Gift does obligate the porn actress Hibiki Otsuki. Hibiki Otsuki was born in Hokkaido. She is 162 cm tall and with 87-57-86 she has perfect body measurements. She started her carrier as naive amateur but rises soon to be a hardcore sex muse in great demand. Her sex partners of choice are masochist men. She is also known for her highly erotic voice that rises the sexual desire of her partners immeasurably!

Hibiki Otsuki Meiki is 17 cm long and has a diameter that ranges from 7-9 cm. Its total weight is 580 grams. As usual it comes with a lubricant sample.

With the eighth version of the Meiki no Shoumei series Nippori Gift goes back to the classic masturbator that is made from a single material. In our opinion this is a great decision when looking at the popularity of the bestseller Meiki no Shoumei: Maria Ozawa. Meiki no Shoumei 8: Hibiki Otsuki is a legit enhancements of this bestselling product. If you are a fan of the very first Meiki of the series, Hibiki Otsuki’s Meiki will absolutely not disappoint you.

Meiki no Shoumei 8 presents itself with a new design and is pretty damn handy. The mysterious dimple at the leg’s onset makes the roundly shaped vulvar opening appear in its full, lewd glory!

Like all its predecessor, Meiki no Shoumei 8 has a closed end for max suction. Since the used elastomer is extremely soft and flexible it is no problem to turn its inside out to clean it.

As usual this Meiki is exquisitely soft and cuddly. Like a real pussy, it will ingest every penis. Due to its character, this Meiki is perfectly suitable for long movie nights with your favorite porn.

Three-dimensional structure combined with softly entangled material! So realistic: dots, crinkles, octopus acetabulums and G-spot!
  1. The proof of a real Meiki! Hibiki has acetabulums and a great G-spot.
  2. Simulation of wavy movements of the musculature around the labia, pubes and gluteus maximus.
  3. Use your hard grip until complete ecstasy, enjoy the friction of the earthworm’s ceiling and the sticky octopus acetabulums!
  4. Fleshy inner structure that opens during masturbation and submits a real sensation.
  5. Even stronger rubbing deep inside caused by the big, muscular portio.
  6. Dotted three-dimensional mucosa.
  7. Curved, ring-shaped vagina muscles.

Behind Hibikis soft vulvar lie dotted structures, brawny walls and her unbelievable lewd G-spot!

Inside this Meiki countless contractions will tighten your penis. In Japan this vaginal structure is called "earthworm".

At first sight Meiki no Shoumei 8 seems to be a step back due to its missing dual-layer structure. We still think that this onahole is not only meant for collectors of the series. Hibikis Meiki is a modern and solid masturbator that offers, compared to dual-layer Meikis, an uncomplicated handling. Please do not miss this great product. Our advice: penetrate slowly and gently, lubricate sparingly. This way the inner structure will bring you great ecstasy!







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