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Toy Repair Set & Special Glue 10 ml NEU

Toy Repair Set & Special Glue 10 ml

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Our special glue, produced in Japan, is your little helper when it comes to fixing glitches or handicraft work around sex toys. After curing it is absolutely clear and harmless. Keep your toys in good shape!

Safety instructions for the usage of liquid glue:
  • Keep children and pets away.
  • The glue must not get in contact with eyes or mucosa.
  • Immediately consult a doctor when glue gets in contact with eyes or any mucosa.

The contents of this set are:
  • Special glue, Made in Japan.
  • Small putty knife (for free for 10 ml (NET) special glue) for equal application.
  • Clear patch (for free for 10 ml (NET) special glue). Dimensions 100 mm x 120 mm. Materialís width 0,20 mm.

The patch can easily be trimmed with any pair of scissors. Please note that the patch has to be absolutely dry, clean and free from grease before usage.

To patch a love doll you have to let the air out completely. In order to successfully locate the glitch you can put the love doll in a bath. Push the doll under water and search for small bubbles. If you find the spot where bubbles are ascending you have located the glitch. You can also use your lips to scan the surface. Please note: before applying patch and glue that the spot has to be absolutely dry, clean and free from grease.

Now use your putty knife to equally apply the glue around the glitch. Push the custom-sized patch onto the spot. If any, remove emerged glue from the edges of the patch immediately with a piece of cloth. The hardening period is 24 hours. To get a better result just put a heavy book onto the adhesive surface.

Our special glue can also be used to fix small cracks in onaholes. Just apply it and keep in mind that the adhesive surface has to be absolutely dry, clean and free from grease. A rubber band is very helpful to fix it during the hardening period. Afterwards you should be able to use it as usual.







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