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Meiki 4 Horny Secrets
Akira Elly
Akira Elly

Former known under the name Yuka Osawa, the sexy half-Syrian, half-Japanese beauty Elly Akira belongs to the most versatile Japanese AV stars. Elly Akira is a real all-rounder! She is active has actress, model, photographer and businesswoman. Elly Akira has been born on 22. December 1986 in Tokyo.

In December 2011 she has released an art book named Appetite & Libido. It contains exceptional photographic art that grants interesting impressions into the Japanese world of erotic.
Since Elly loves to enrich the world of erotic, she has now released her own Meiki product! Very fitting to her all-rounder skills, her Meiki onahole is as versatile as her! That is how Meiki 4 Horny Secrets has been born!
One Meiki, 4 worlds to experience!

With Meiki 4 Horny Secrets, Akira Elly introduces a unique masterpiece that adds an exciting onahole to the Meiki series. Meiki 4 Horny Secrets offers a total of 4 unbelievable penetration holes in just one Meiki.

Behind the beautifully shaped vagina lie inner structures that simulate vaginal intercourse, a blow- and a handjob. Additionally this Meiki offers a tight anus as well! You may quickly alter between all these tunnels. Indulge in the luxury of Akira Elly's versatile world!


This tunnel simulates a realistic, subtle pressure of a tongue that stimulates the penis!

Surprisingly smooth grooves in combination with a sticky and moist mucosa express the incomparable, cuddly feeling of Elly's fellatio!


This tunnel simulates a hand that tightly grips the penis!

Elly's berry-shaped finger curves have been perfectly moulded. Let Elly give you the handjob of your life!


Elly's vagina let you be on cloud nine!

Her Meiki vagina offers all kind of pleasure zones! For you waits a big G-spot, S-curved tunnel and organic textures. Just enjoy Elly's interior!


You may also penetrate Elly's Anus!

Her back entrance is very special! Wicked and ultimate tight! Elly invites you to a special adventure!

Double lubricants!

This great Meiki product comes with two special lubricants. A vaginal lubricant that imitates the scent of Elly's pubic area and an anal lubricant that is extra sticky! The anal lubricant's bottle has a special dosing aid so you can put it deep inside the anus! What a great package!

Meiki 4 Horny Secrets
Akira Elly

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