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The Fairy story: A simple vibrator became legendary


In 2007 Omocha Dreams introduced the first Fairy vibrator to the market outside Japan. First of all we thought that the Fairy would be like any other vibrator, but the demand become tremendous and the customer’s response and acceptance was overwhelming. The Fairy series soon became a legend!




The Fairy

This is how the legend started: The "big" Fairy came onto the market. The Fairy might look simple but its multifunctional capability and its intuitive usability is just something users have been waiting for. There are many features that turn this vibrator into something extraordinary. It is one of the most powerful massagers with a flexible head. The biggest advantage compared to similar devices is that the vibration intensity can be selected stagelessly.

But maybe the coolest feature is the possibility to put attachments onto the Fairys head. This way the Fairy can be used as an universal sex toy for all genders. For example there are kinky dildos, anal attachments or onaholes that turn the Fairy into an exclusive masturbator for men.

All those features make this simple looking massager very unique and are the reason why it found its way into many bedroom’s drawers.

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The Fairy Mini

A couple months after the release of the original Fairy, the Fairy Mini has been relesed in Japan. This version became a much bigger success than the first, “big” Fairy. 

It just has the perfect size and weight but still brings all features of its big brother. People who touch the Fairy Mini for the first time hardly will let go of it. For most of them it is love at first sight!

Meanwhile the Fairy Mini even became legendary.

The Fairy Mini has always been in the top 3 of our best selling items since the release.

Of course there are several attachments for men and women available for the Fairy Mini. Since the attachments for the Fairy Mini are smaller than accessories for the original Fairy, they are a bit more popular.

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The Fairy Mini Mini

One year after the initial Fairy release the Fairy Mini Mini was born. The Fairy Mini Mini is the first Fairy that can be used with either batteries or optionally with an AC adapter.

Even though the Fairy Mini Mini is quite small it has exactly the same functionality as the original Fairy. Although, when used with batteries, the Fairy Mini Mini is slightly less powerful. But you will turn a blind eye if you prefer a mobile vibrator!

The attachments for the Fairy Mini Mini are very cute. They are small but do not lose any functionality. Of course there are attachments available for both, men and women!

The Fairy Mini Mini is the perfect versatile all-rounder.

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The Fairy Pocket

One of the latest Fairy releases was the Fairy Pocket. So far the Fairy Pocket is the smallest Fairy available. Even though it has only 2 vibration intensities its main advantage over the other Fairy massagers is the combination of mobility, power and size. It has a built in lithium battery that can be charged with the included USB cable. The Fairy Pocket has the size of a mobile phone and fits virtually in any handbag. It is just the perfect companion to go! On the go there is no better way to massage your tensions away.

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The Fairy Mini Wireless

By the end of 2009 the latest Fairy vibrator has been released. It is called Fairy Mini Wireless. This vibrator combines everything a modern massage device needs and all into one product. 

The Fairy Mini Wireless is the perfect sequel of the legendary Fairy Mini. Even though it is lighter and shorter, it has exactly the same functionality as the original Fairy Mini.

Though due to the nature of battery-operated devices the wireless version of the Fairy Mini is slightly less powerful. But since it is a wireless device you will get over this very soon. Just charge the built in Lithium battery with the included cable and use it everywhere you want!

The head of the Fairy Mini Wireless has the same diameter than the original Fairy Mini. Therefore you can use all attachments of the Fairy Mini on the Fairy Mini Wireless.

Currently there is no other vibrator on the market, that combines  this kind of power, mobility, design and versatile usage due to its attachments, like the Fairy Mini Wireless.

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Fairy technical overview

The Fairy series is highly versatile. To help you choosing the Fairy vibrator that suits you perfectly we made a summery that shows all important details of all Fairys.

Warranty for Fairy vibrators

Within the first 5 years after purchase we will repair or replace any no-fault defects. Please include your proof of purchase to your return-shipment.

All Fairy vibrators:

Fairy Mini
Fairy Mini Mini
Fairy Pocket
Fairy Mini Wireless
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