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Meiki's are Japans favourite Onaholes


The word "Meiki" (名器) is meanwhile quite common when it comes to Japanese sex toy for men, but what exactly is the meaning of this word? Its literal interpretation would be something like treasure or precious.

A Meiki is a vagina that has an absolute perfect internal structure and looks completely flawless from the outside. According to a study only 1 of 70.000 women have a real Meiki vagina. Since they are so rare and precious the Japanese are calling it Meiki. The chance that a men can enjoy a real women that has Meiki is 1 to 70.000! That is why the Japanese adult toy industry started creating Meiki Onaholes.

One of the most famous Meiki belongs to the pornstar Maria Ozawa. Her Meiki has been sold several thousand times already. Besides the famous Maria Ozawa Meiki there are many other Meiki replicas. Each has its own allures. Just have a look at the cool items below!

Meiki no Hinkaku Shitatsu and Uetsuki

Those two onaholes belong to the worldwide top selling masturbators. They come in a beautiful wooden box and offer, like a Meiki should be, flawless anatomic shapes. Customers who bought one of those would never abdicate them.

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Meiki no Shoumei

The Meiki of the Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa is also a big hit outside of Japan. Fans of her videos donít want anything more than penetrating her perfect pussy. If you are not a fan of Maria Ozawa you still want her perfect Meiki, trust us!

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Meiki no Shoumei 2

This great Onahole with vagina and anal tunnel is a Meiki copy of the Japanese pornstar Nao Yoshizaki. Enjoy realistic intercourse with this great ultralarge hand masturbator.

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Meiki no Homaru

The literal interpretation of Homaru is honor. Meiki no Homaru is a flawless modeled replica of a beautiful mons veneris. Not only beautiful on the outside, the inner values are perfect as well. Meiki no Homaru offers a realstic vaginal- and anal structure that will cause intense stimulation.

Go to product: Meiki no Homaru



Meiki Kourin

Meiki Kourin is an absolute stroke of a genius when it comes to hip replications. Right now it is the absolute ne plus ultra! This masturbator has two separate tunnel structures. Both, the vagina and anal structures are ultra realistic. The vaginas structure features an erected G-spot and a uterus. The anal structure is unbelievable realistic as well. The rectum leaves nothing to be desired!

Go to product: Meiki Kourin


Gokujo Namagoshi

The translation for Gokujo Namagoshi would be something like "Real Hip of high-quality". This beautiful replica of a Meiki hip belongs to our classic items. It is the big version of the two Meiki no Hinkaku onaholes. The inner structure is pretty similar but the Gokujo Namagoshi comes with a replication of an anus with a real internal structure.

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