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The lascivious beauty from Northern China with the tender skin of an almond's kernel presents her Meiki!

Zhang Xiaoyu (or "Chou Shuu U" as she is called in Japanese) is currently 25 years old and was born on June 6. 1985 in the Heilongjiang province of China. The pictures of this famous AV idol have been printed in several nude albums already. During her study at the university of Beihua in Jilin she received a first-class scholarship because of her great school performance.

On Baidu, Chinas biggest search engine, she is the internet super star #1 with one million search queries per day! This is the first Onahole that imitates the vagina of a Chinese actress, and not only visually! It imitates her feeling as well! Now it is available to the rest of the world!

The cute and sexy Zhang Xiaoyu takes the successful Meiki no Shoumei series to the 5th round!

The special dual-layer material adjusts to all sizes. It feels even better than a real vagina! This clone offers a special deepness! A Meiki masterpiece that generates an unforeseen world of sentimental pleasure.

Inside: This perfectly cloned super vagine is an amazing sequel of the "Meiki no Shoumei" series. An absolulet perfect sensation. We used a special sticky material for the inner layer. This way you will experience a more intense and tighter masturbaton. Even better than a virgin!

Outside: Touching it is such a great experience! Soft and sexy in your hand if you grasp it tightly during masturbation! The sensational almond's kernel skin will fulfil your wishful dreams of this Chinese beauty! Penetration will let her ass vibrate. This will increase stimulation fantastically!

  • Meiki no Shoumei 5 - Artificial Vagina - Length: 17 cm, Width: 8 cm, Weight: 770 g

  • a) The surface gives the impression of a young, flat body.
  • b) The vibrations will increase your sensation!! What an ass!!

  • c) The middle part vibrates during peneration. This generates an unbelieveable realistic feeling.
  • d) The bended vaginal canal simulates the body of an aroused women.

  • 1) The G-spot stimulates the complete penis and generates an entirely real feeling.
  • 2) A heavenly sensation!! The portio is very distinctive!
  • 3) The special surface profile of the inner structure adds an extra kick to your masturbation. A hidding appendix rubs on the lower sinew!

Go to Omocha Dreams home | Buy Meiki no Shoumei 5 | Diese Seite auf Deutsch

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