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The extraordinary beauty Yen Yu Yee, spirited street angel of Taiwan now has her own Meiki onahole!

The beautiful Taiwanese girl Yen Yu See became famous in the first place because of her job as betel nut sales girl. In Taiwan, selling betel nuts is like a tradition. Most of the time these nuts, which have the same stimulating effect as coffee, are sold by beautiful and sexy girls at street kiosks. Since their is a lot competition on the street they have to be very creative to draw the attention of customers. That is why they are wearing sexy underwear, highheels and short school uniforms.

The main reason though, why she received so much attention is the fact that she has hit the headlines because she got beat up by a cop while pursuing her job as betel nut beauty. This argument ended badly for the girl with several bruise. On YouTube there is a video (click on the newspaper to link to the video) of the security camera that shows a TV report and the whole scene with the brutality against her. That is why Yen Yu Yee received much sympathy and stirred up the society. Her photo collections are still bestsellers on the Taiwanese market and now she brings the popular Meiki onahole series into the next round!

Meiki no Shoumei 006: The popularity and the huge success of the series is the proof of the quality of this Meiki of a beautiful women.

Meiki Yen Yu Yee displays perfectly the great progress in the development of masturbators. Read all the facts about this Meiki below. You will see why do must not miss this product! The developers excelled themselves while creating this stunning product!

Meiki no Shoumei 6: Yen Yu Yee

  • A) The material of Meiki No. 006 is about 2 1/2 times smoother than the material of previous Meiki onaholes. Absolutely great to touch. This surface feels super real and imitates the female body convincingly.

  • B) The outside of this Meiki offers a smooth, soft and bright skin colour. The inside features a super real mucosa imitation for an unbelievable sensation.

  • C) This product comes with a free 60 ml lubricant that contains a delightful sexual scent with pheromones!

  • Meiki no Shoumei 6 - Artificial Vagina - Length: 17 cm, Width: 10 cm, Weight: 720 g

  • 1) Her lovely wet pussy entrance has a very real touch. This is the moist mouth of a virgin! The result of obsessed research!

  • 2) Several grooves and nubs. This is really a tempting vagina that just started to mature. It just offers the highest possible pleasure!

  • 3) A big G-spot zone generates extreme stimulation during penetration. What a luxury!

  • 4) Countless small suction cups will accompany the penis all the way. This is one of the highlights of Meiki No. 006. A true masterpiece!

  • 5) Even the cervix is covered with countless grooves and nubs. That is where you reach the heavenly finale!

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