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Sarah, the new starlet of the Japanese porn industry, the exciting goddess who lies behind these innocent breasts.

The half-Brazillian, half-Japanese beauty Sarah signed a contract at the famous Japanese porn label SOD. Sarah’s was born on October 7th, 1991. Even though she is pretty small with her height of only 151 cm, with 86-54-83 she has fantastic playmate proportions! Her fans love her for her unusual ancestry. Her first debut as AV star for SOD was in December 2010.

At the Muranishi event in China she drew her attention for the first time to the makers of the Meiki no Shoumei series. It didn't take long until she stood out and got the opportunity to be the next Meiki girl! With Meiki no Shoumei 7 the development of artificial vaginas have experienced further development again and Sarah has been able to be part of this advancement!

Meiki no Shoumei 7: Yen Yu Yee

For the first time, worldwide realistically reproduced! Soft, full, fresh and blooming: The innocent female mons with inner and outer vulvar!

A fascinating lovely pussy during missionary position has been perfectly imitated. Great three-dimensional and a dreamlike mons veneris! Open the vulvar with your fingers and you will never tire to look at this perfect replication! Inner vulvar, pussy, clitoris, clitoris glans and urethra opening, all velvety exposed!

The outer shape perfectly imitates the lines of Sarah’s butt. Your eyes will be fascinated by this perfectly shaped ass. Meiki no Shoumei 7 is a masterpiece that pushes the series to a higher standard, again. Do not miss the future trend! Comes with 60 ml lubricant that smells like sexual intercourse with Sarah!

  • Meiki no Shoumei 7 - Artificial Vagina - Length: 17 cm, Width: 10 cm, Weight: 660 g

  • 1) The outer vulvar will ingest the penis with its thick, fleshy membrane.

  • 2) Missionary position increases male stimulation because of the pubis’s oppositional contact. The inner walls of the vagina underneath the mons, which are connected to the clitoris by nerves, are swelling during stimulation.

  • 3) The essentials of powerful vagina muscles: The diagonal muscles seduces your penis, the lengthwise muscles impose stimulating pressure upon it.

  • 4) This grainy part of the vaginas back wall flows in a soft S-curved shape.

  • 5) During erection the vaginas front wall softly vibrates up and downwards. At the same time the back wall swings crinkly. While unerected both vagina walls are concentrated. During stimulation they are moving.

  • 6) Of course Meiki no Shoumei 7 comes with a juicy G-spot! Sarah’s G-spot is particularly big!

  • 7) The contraction point in front of the cervix uteri is exceedingly muscular. These muscles impose stimulating pressure onto the males glans which causes exceedingly stimulation.

  • 8) The female orgasm arises deeply inside the vagina a U-shaped space that collects the ejaculated sperm. From this point muscle contraction will transport the sperm to the uterus.

Go to Omocha Dreams home | Buy Meiki no Shoumei 7 | Diese Seite auf Deutsch

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