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The big Omocha Dreams Onahole & Masturbator FAQ

- What kind of Onaholes are available?
- Which Onahole suites me?
- How to use an Onahole.
- How to clean an Onahole.
- My onahole cracked! What should I do? (links to forum)


Everyone is doing it. No matter if you just want to have fun on your own, if you want to increase your sexual stamina or even with your partner. Besides sex, masturbation is the worlds best minor matter! On this page we want to talk about the different ways of enjoy your masturbation and particularly we want to talk about the Japanese masturbators called Onaholes.

Now you may ask why particularly masturbators from Japan. Well, the answer to this question is easy: Japan is currently the only country with an in-depth development of these sex toys. Japanese manufacturers attach great importance to develop new high-quality materials and new love tunnel styles. The inner life of the Japanese Onaholes are really one-of-a-kind: Every masturbator has a different feeling and provides a unique and intense stimulate.

Omocha Dreams offers strictly sex toys made of non-toxic materials like Elastomer. You will not find smelly products made of toxic Jelly here. Our products conform to the safety standards of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

And please don’t be frighten off the Japanese Manga style! In Japan Manga are omnipresent and can be found in every sector. So why not! Those girls are beautiful, aren’t they?

Love tunnel structures

The love tunnel is the core of the Onahole. The manifoldness of love tunnel styles makes the Japanese Onaholes so unique.

Zero-diameter tunnel


This tunnel structure does hardly have any diameter. It is stretched solely by penetration and generates a tight pressure for the inserted penis. That is why the feeling of the zero-diameter tunnel is very close to reality. The tunnel of this Onahole is rarely straight but runs in soft curves. In combination with the extreme tightness of the zero-diameter structure those twists produce an unbelievable experience.

Winding structure


Winding Onaholes have a basic groove covered tunnel with a curvy form design. Mostly the diameter of the tunnel is fixed. The tunnel produces a consistent stimulation which will be increased by the groove structure.

Nub chamber structure


Nub chambers offers more space for the inserted penis. Each movement will produce a different feeling. This can lead to interesting combinations of stimulation.

Irregular tunnel structure


This structure type is widespread and very popular. As the penis moves through the tunnel it does pass many different obstacles: possible stimulations are nubs, grooves, even windings and constricted passages and chambers. This masturbator offers a lot of different allurements which makes every Onahole unique on its own and very original. Because of the hollow body many masturbators of this type produce a vacuum which does add the extra the cherry on the cake!

3D spiral structure


3D structures are one of the latest ways to produce Onahole tunnels. It is basically a modern style of the irregular tunnel structure. The 3D structure Onahole offer a tunnel which runs not only up and down but to the left and to the right as well. Each twist produces intense stimulation. Because of the nature of a spiral design this structure type offers the preferences of a zero-diameter tunnel.

Dual-layer structure


Dual-layer Onaholes are made of two different materials: One for the outer shell, and one for the tunnel. The outer shell is made of soft, and the moulded tunnel is made of harder material. This features a more intense masturbation and makes it a bit harder as a whole.

Your first Onahole. Which one suits me?

Or better said, can I be inserted? Basically are the Onaholes made to fit all sizes. The elastomeric materials used to make those Masturbators can be stretched by many times its own volume and will certainly adjust to the physical condition.

One question left. Which tunnel style fits me? Just one advice: find it our for yourself! Each structure has its own unique originalities. It can also be very exciting to use different Onaholes during your massage. We are sure you will find your favorite ones pretty fast!

Couple advices in advance

If you turn your Onahole around or if you change the angle, you may experiance different stimulation. This way you can rediscover your Masturbator every day.

It can also be very exciting to warm up your Masturbator before usage. This way your Onahole will imitate reality a lot better. To warm up your Onahole we suggest using warm water (around 135 F). Please beware of boiling water! For a better result you can turn the inside of your Masturbator out (more below) before you put it in the water. Let it warm up for around 5 minutes. Please be adviced that different or hotter heat sources may damage your Masturbator.

The usage

There are two different ways to use your Onahole.

a) grip it
b) handsfree / half-handsfree

No matter which way you prefer, first of all you should cover the masturbator with lubricant. Please always use water-based lubricants since oil-based ones could damage the Onahole irreparably. Most of the time it is enough to cover the entrance of the masturbator with a fingertip of lubricant. Squeeze the entrance of your Onahole and disperse the lubricant by penetrating.

Since lubricant is very efficient you should never have to use more than two fingertips. Advice: If you are using too much lubricant you will probably not feel a whole lot of the Onaholes inner life anymore.

So if you just want to use the Onahole straightforward you don’t need anything else of course. Just grip the Onahole, insert yourself, and slide back and forth. If your Onahole has a winding-structure it might be possible that it seems like you break through the wall of your Masturbator. To avoid this just rotate your Onaholes while you are in it.

If you want put in a little more effort you can enjoy a handsfree or half-handsfree masturbation which is very similar to real intercourse. What you have to do here is to insert the Onahole in a solid object like a love doll or Love Body. Insertion will be a lot easier if you cover the outside of the masturbator with some lubricant. Depending on the weight of the object you are using you can now masturbate by just moving your body and enjoy a handsfree or half-handsfree onanism. Most people experience a more intense masturbation this way. It is also a great way to improve your sexual stamina.

How to clean your Onahole

Of course it is more than important to clean your Masturbator properly - it is easier than you might think. The materials are quick-drying and moisture repellent. “Remainders” are almost impossible. Basically it is enough to clean your Onahole on both sides (more about this later) with warm water and liquid soap. Even though we want to talk inform you about intense cleaning.

Here is what you need:

- warm water
- liquid soap
- non-fuzzing / lint-free cloth
- disinfection spray or disinfection cloth
- talcum powder (body powder)

Expect Ona Cups you may reuse any Onahole as often as you want. If your Onahole has vibration or other electric mechanisms please be sure to remove all cables and components before you start cleaning.

As mentioned above, the materials of the Onaholes are extremely extendable. This characteristic makes it easy to turn the inside out. Please do not worry about damaging the material. It is very durable (1).

(2) Now you can easily cover the inside with some liquid soap and wash it with warm water. Just wash it up now and use your lint-free cloth to rub it dry. You will recognize that your masturbator will be dry in seconds since the material is very moisture repellent.

In the end you should use some disinfection spray or an disinfection cloth. After the residence time has passed, please rub it dry once more. Now you can put it over again. Please repeat this cleaning process for the outside and all remaining spots as well (5 & 6).

Hip replica are easy to clean as well. Expand the tunnel and push a water and soap soaked lint-free sponge to the end of the tunnel. Remove the sponge and dry the tunnel the same way with a lint-free piece of cloth. If necessary repeat this step.

Eventually you should cover the surface of your Masturbator with talcum or baby powder. This is the best way to conserve the surface of your Onahole (7 & 8).

Please store your Masturbators at a dry, dust-free and air-accessible place. We recommend our special toy sacks. Those provide a perfect protection for your masturbator.

That should be all about this topic! If you heed our advices you will have a lot of fun with your Onaholes.

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