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Perfection by Koichi Matsumoto

TENGA is a fairly new brand name from Japan. It stands for high-quality masturbation cups for men. TENGA was created by Koichi Matsumoto to make a difference. Matsumotos role model was Soichiro Honda from Honda Motors who had a vision in order to create something stunning. Matsumoto admired Hondas attitude and decided to create sex toys for men with the same attention to detail Honda had when he created his cars.

There are a lot so called Onacups on the Japanese market but TENGA Onanism cups want to be more elegant and stylish; and we think they archived this goal: TENGA easily stands out when compared to other male adult toys. TENGA promises a never before experienced sexual sensation to its users. Currently there are many types of cups in the TENGA line and every version is unique in its own way.

It took years of engineering to develop the right design that delivers the ultimate masturbation experience. TENGA uses soft, skin-like materials in combination with soft foam creating not only the most comfortable, but the most ergonomically correct Onanism cup on the market. Massage nubs of different size and shapes are used in all the different models to create a unique experience for each model. TENGA cups are meant to be for one shot only (expect Flip Holes and Tenga 3D) but you can use a thin condom for a multiple experience.

These cups have revolutionized Japan’s adult toy industry soon after its release in 2006 and meanwhile TENGA became a well-known brand name.

Standard Tenga Cups      
Deep Throat Cup Soft Tube Cup Rolling Head Cup Air Cushion Cup
Double Hole Cup      
U.S. Size Tenga Cups      
Deep Throat Cup U.S. Soft Tube Cup U.S.    
Hard Tenga Cups      
Deep Throat Cup HARD Soft Tube Cup HARD Rolling Head Cup HARD  
Soft Tenga Cups      
Deep Throat Cup SOFT Soft Tube Cup SOFT Rolling Head Cup SOFT Air Cushion Cup SOFT
Tenga Eggs Series      
Series 1: Wavy Series 1: Clicker Series 1: Spider Series 2: Twister
Series 2: Stepper Series 2: Silky    
Tenga Flip Holes      
Flip Hole White Edition Flip Hole Black Edition Flip Hole Red Edition Flip Hole Silver Edition
Tenga 3D      
3D Spiral 3D Module 3D Zen 3D Polygon
3D Pile      
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