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ToysHeart - Traditionally Made Adult Toys Made In Japan

In February 1983 the wholesale company for magazines called Xenkyo-han has been established. Sixteen years later in 1999 Xenkyo-han founded its adult toy devision called ToysHeart. ToysHearts target is to create adult toys of quality for men and women in a traditional way. The bestselling products of ToysHeart are masturbators (called "Onahole" in Japan), vibrators for women and anal toys.

The team of the ToysHeart devisions consist of designers and handcraft masters who are capable of releasing products that are a refreshing surprise even to the advanced Japanese adult toy industry. This makes ToysHeart a leading manufacturer for high-quality masturbators. They are only using harmless materials that are conform to the high safety standard of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. For many years Xenkyo-han has been selling its products successfully in Japan - but the sophisticated and brilliant products found favour outside the land of the rising as well! Omocha Dreams has been the first company that sold ToysHeart products within Europe and to the United States. Back in 2005 we have sold the first Seventeen Onahole that became meanwhile a worldwide hit!

Xenkyo-han has produced a small movie that explains the companies philosophy and gives good insight into their work. There are hardly companies that are creating adult toys the same way Xenkyo-han does. They just want to make a difference here.

Toys Heart company movie

So what exactly differs sex toys made by ToysHeart from most other manufacturers?

  • ToysHeart products are well planned and thought-out.
  • To offer the best possible quality they are handmade.
  • They are using only high-quality and harmless materials.
  • Customers feedbacks are used to make products better.

ToysHeart Onaholes: The Path From Perfection To Pleasure

Definitely the most important products of ToysHeart are the Onaholes. The obvious goal is to create products that feel like real sex or even better. ToysHeart has its own department to develop new and exciting inner structures. That is exactly what makes every Onahole exciting in its own way: no Onahole type is like the other. Below you see a couple examples of great inner structures. Many are even three-dimensional or consist of two different layers. This turns masturbation into a very pleasant and diversified experience.

More information regarding the different inner structures of masturbators can be found in our big masturbator FAQ.

About The In-House Materials Of The ToysHeart Onaholes

These days it should be a matter of course that adult toys do not contain any Vinyl chloride. Unfortunately Vinyl chloride respectively polymer polyvinyl chloride is used for sex toys made of the so called "Jelly material". This material is extremely toxic and can even cause cancer. Fortunately it can be recognized by its acidly smell.

Products made by Xenkyo-han are made of harmless TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer respectively synthetic resin). For ToysHeart they made 4 different variations of TPE. These variations bear the following brand names:
  • Baby Skin
  • Safe Skin
  • Pure Powder
  • Fine Cross
Xenkyo-han has an official report by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that confirms the harmlessness of these materials. Some of these materials are used for medical products as well.

The adult toys by ToysHeart share the following characteristics: They are very flexible and can be stretched a multiple of they own size. Therefore it is no problem to clean them by turning the inside out. As mentioned above all these materials are completely harmless and nontoxic - you could even lick them.

To give the users a better overview of these materials, ToysHeart has created 4 distinctive symbols. Please find below the features of each material:
  • Baby Skin

  • Surface smooth as a baby's bottom
  • It hardly smells
  • Almost oil-free
  • Safe Skin

  • Mostly silky surface
  • As good as no smell
  • Almost oil-free
  • Pure Powder

  • Very smooth surface
  • It hardly smells
  • Completely oil-free
  • Fine Cross

  • Smooth surface
  • As good as no smell
  • Almost oil-free
Depending on the mix ratio of the used ingredients the main preferences of each of the 4 main materials can be adjusted. For example there is a material called Safe Skin HD which has the main preferences of Safe Skin but is a little bit harder. Xenkyo-han told us that toys made of Fine Cross are amongst the popular ones.

The ToysHeart Trial Price Masturbator For Your Convince

To convince you of the quality of the ToysHeart products we have created a special trial offer together with Xenkyo-han. The SI-X Type N Onahole is made of a special sort of the Fine Cross material which is used for medical products as well.
  • 1) The grooves in the first chambers keep the lubricant perfectly into the masturbator and generate a great lubricating film.
  • 2) Nubs in the third and forth chamber increase the stimulation.
  • 3) Ejaculation zone
  • 4) The vacuum pump: By pushing this area you can easily extract air from inside the love tunnel before penetration. This way you will generate a great vacuum feeling.
Together with Xenkyo-han Omocha Dreams can offer the SI-X Type N Onahole made of medical TPE called Fine Cross for a special trial price of 14.95 Euro incl. 19% VAT plus shipping. The normal sales price is 19.95 Euro. Although this masturbator looks very small (approximately 16 cm) it will adapt to every size. This onahole can easily be cleaned by turning its inside out. Just use it as many times as you wish! The SI-X Type N masturbator will convince you of the quality of Japanese onaholes at a very low price.

If you have never tried a Japanese masturbator we will be able to convince you with our trial offer. Your desire to try other Japanese Onahole will grow and you will find your favorite ones for sure!
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