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Comparison: Meiki; Toysheart; Magic Eye

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PostPosted: 14.12.2012, 09:59    Post subject: Comparison: Meiki; Toysheart; Magic Eye Reply with quote

Comparison: Meiki – Toysheart – Magic Eye – Kashin – Tomax

+ Realistic stimulation, lots of variation in their offerings
- Expensive
Rather high-maintenance: since they are very soft, they consist of rather oily material and have a bit of an odor. They don’t dry particularly quickly and if not treated with corn starch or talc (starch is preferred), they get tacky in no time.
Great for: people who want to feel just how realistic it can get. Single layers are superb for people who want longer sessions while dual layers offer a more intense stimulation. Also fantastic when hands-free for example with the Meiki Plush Doll.

+ Good feel, good durability
Their cheaper offerings use firm, more durable materials which dry rather quickly and don’t easily get tacky; the more expensive ones use softer materials closer to the Meiki, which also makes them closer to the Meiki feel and higher maintenance as a result.

Magic Eye:
+ Good feel at great prices
Magic Eye seems to offer toys similar to other popular designs at great prices. For example the Sujiman Kupa Roa resembles the Meiki 007 Sarah both in exterior and interior, the Girl in the Box resembles the Meiki ZXY. The Magic Eye toys are more affordable and more compact, but might not be the best choice for the better endowed (both Small/Medium might be a problem). Since similar materials to the Meiki are used, they should be well maintained.

+ According to them, the highest quality materials are used
- Expensive
The Kashin are still highly in development. Their current offerings are high on durability, but don’t yet have that top-of-the-line feel (although still good). While firmer than the Meiki, they still need regular treatment with starch/talc or get tacky.

+ Great bang-for-buck, very nice feel and good durability
- Not available everywhere (1 dealer per continent I have heard)
These are my personal favorite. They use a kind of rubber material and each come in Soft/Medium/Hard firmness variations. Their realistic offerings in Soft are great for longer sessions (or in Medium for more stimulation), while the more simple (but effective!) designs in Medium are superb for quickies. The Hard material is meant for elder people, or those who want to train against premature ejaculation; but if you aren’t satisfied with Medium you can always try Hard. The material is high on durability while the soft variation is a little more oily and thus a little higher on maintenance than the harder ones.


Overall there’s some cheap offerings out there which are excellent for the money and last a long while, and the firmness will even train you to last longer! If you want the more realistic offerings, you’ll have to pay, but twice the price won’t necessarily make your orgasm twice as good.

Individual reviews:

Meiki Eiro Chika: similar to Maria Ozawa but better durability. Great for longer sessions, especially hands-free. Not the best for stroking, not the best to train to last in bed. The newest Meiki Hibiki Ootsuki seems to be Meiki’s attempt to make a more stimulating single-layer sleeve which could be interesting.

Meiki Sarah: superb feel, one of the more intense Meiki’s but the design is supposedly on the more fragile side. Realistic and highly stimulating: very “fleshy” feeling while the XYZ has more of a “hugging” feeling (some compared it to a woman who does kegel exercises all day long).

Honorable mention of the premium Clone Meiki such as Miyu Hoshino which are insanely soft, even more so than the Maria & sisters; if you like the idea of "silk on your dick" these are what you want. Especially fantastic when hands-free. The Clone series aren't particularly long, though, but going from what people say they should still be quite durable.

Toysheart Fairy Onahole: if you’re a fan of tightness, you will definitely like this one. Its interior isn’t particularly detailed but it certainly grips your member considerably. Again, the well endowed should better steer away from “Small/Medium” sized toys (which is why I couldn’t enjoy this one).

Magic Eye Sujiman Kupa Roa: great toy (if it fits: size Small). The Kupa Roa probably isn’t a toy made to last, though. It is high on stimulation with a little suction room at the end. What I really liked about this one, is that the end of the interior seemed to be made of softer material which made it easier to keep stroking through an orgasm. More toys should adopt this feature.

Tomax 2D-Wavy Ripple: if you are in the market for something that can get you off quickly with great orgasms, this one is amazing. For example you can keep building up an orgasm and try to fend it off to eventually erupt in ecstasy, quite the experience. I’m not going to waste more words here, let’s just say I could have saved a couple of hundred of euros if I just bought a couple of these.
An alternative to this toy could be the Tong-Ggo from Korean Meiki, made from different materials but could offer a comparable feel.

Tomax Venus Clone: order it in your firmness of preference for a Meiki-like feel at great price and with great durability.
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PostPosted: 18.12.2012, 21:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you very much for your in-depth review. Very much appreciated!
The Omocha Dreams Team
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