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Succubus 2D-Wavy Ripple: SOFT Version NEU

Succubus 2D-Wavy Ripple: SOFT Version

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The Succubus masturbator series by Tomax is a true revolution if you see with how much detail every aspect has been thought-out. This series has been a top-seller in Japan from day one.

With great attention to detail Tomax has made it to reinvent the master plan. One big eye-popping difference compared to available onahole series is the fact that Tomax has released each masturbator in three different types of firmness or tightness. This makes sure that there is the tight right for everybody!

SOFT: Lower stimulation but intense contact sensation. This causes a very ingesting feeling during masturbation. Furthermore the root of the penis experiences a soft latitude which leads to a convenient ejaculation. Because of its softer stimulation this type is perfect to use during enjoying a video. We also recommend it for people who suffer from phimosis.

MEDIUM: The regular version features medium firmness. To average this version is the most popular type.

HARD: The hard version offers maximum stimulation. Even though the material of this version is very firm, it still offers sufficient flexibility. We recommend this version for elderly people who are having a hard time to reach the climax. We also recommend this version for people who are suffering from premature ejaculation. People who experience this problem are able to learn to control the ejaculation reflex to prevent an unintentional orgasm. If using this version frequently you will get used to strong stimulation. Please note that using the hard type excessively it may numb yourself to normal stimulation like experienced during real intercourse.

But the missing availability of different material firmnesses amongst available, re-useable onaholes has not been the only reason for the company behind Tomax to invest in the development of their own masturbators.

The brand Tomax belongs to the Japanese online shop daimaoh.co.jp. The owner has been able to collect a lot of experience with masturbators of other manufacturers. Someday he had the desire to make it better than the giants in the adult toy industry.

Tomax is convinced that they have invented the best material for artificial skin on the market. Of course their creation is absolutely non-hazardous and non-odorous. Tomax demands a great deal of themselves. Each product is carefully hand-crafted. They guarantee the best possible quality. Compared to some mass-production onaholes, Tomax says that their products are free of enclosed air bubbles and impurities.

The haptics of Tomax’s material complies with the highest standards as well. The surface is super smooth and slip-proof. These masturbators offer an amazing flexibility and adjust better than other products of this kind to the male anatomy.

This masturbator is named after the female demons called succubi, or singular succubus. In Japan the succubus is a symbol for lechery. The tale says that the succubus does absorb the sperm of a man and causes tremendous pleasure. She is a sex monster! Her labia has already been enlarged by excessive masturbation!

Length: 150 mm
Height: 60 mm
Width: 45 mm
Weight: 270 g

It comes with a free lubricant sample. Please do never use any lubricant other than water based ones. Silicon and oil based lubricants may damage the material irreparably.

The Succubus masturbators have a closed end. This causes a great vacuum feeling during masturbation. To increase the vacuum just push the air out before penetration.

To clean this masturbator just turn its inside out. Do not be afraid of damaging it. The manufacturer says it is okay to do this!

The 2D-wavy version offers a wavy shaped tunnel with countless small grooves. Furthermore it makes use of the zero-diameter structure. Amongst Japanese masturbators this is nothing new but Tomax has made it to grant this well-tried concept a new complexion.

You push your penis through a tunnel that actually touches it at every possible spot. Every single lamella increases the feeling almost exponentially. This onahole will virtually suck you dry!

Depending on the materials firmness you choose, the caused friction varies. You will find out which material type is most suitable for you!

The photo above shows the inner structure of 2D-wavy version. A quarter has been removed to display how the inner structure has been sculpted.

The products of the Succubus series come in a lovely flip pack. The masturbator itself is of course seal wrapped. Besides Japanese language, the package has English product information as well.

In our opinion, the Succubus series is the perfect proof that people who love what they are doing can truly make a difference. Now it is your time to witness this Japanese perfection!

Tomax has created 4 different basic versions of the Succubus masturbators. Each versions offers a different inner structure.

Standard Ripple - straight, grooved tunnel
Dots - wavy tunnel with countless small nubs
Bumpy Road - straight tunnel with thick, fleshy nubs
2D-Wavy Ripple - wavy tunnel with countless grooves

Please note that the Succubus series does not give you a realistic stimulation. The feeling is tight and may be excessive for some. If you are looking for a lifelike masturbation experience try the Venus series by Tomax.







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