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SPIDER: Meiki One ~Intense Black~

SPIDER: Meiki One ~Intense Black~

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SPIDER: Meiki One ~Intense Black~
SPIDER: Meiki One ~Extreme White~
SPIDER: Meiki One (sleeve only)

For those who already own the original Spider, the Meiki: One sleeve is also available as stand-alone product. Grant yourself some alternation you would never want to miss again!

Spider is a revolutionary adult toy for men that permits a completely freehand masturbation and therefore a realistic sexual training. Using our strong vacuum cup system, Spider may be attached straightforward to any flat surface.
Furthermore it is possible to alternate and fasten its angle. This way you can use Spider to simulate various sex positions! It has never been easier before to enjoy a hands-free masturbation!

Spider Meiki features the best of both worlds!

Omocha Dreams has completed a meaningful fusion! We have combined the innovative and stylish Spider system with the benefits of one of the world’s top selling male masturbators from Japan.

We call the result Spider Meiki!

Spider Meiki One is the first step into a new era of stylish masturbators that feature unbelievable realism in combination with flawless design.

Spider: Meiki One ~Intense Black~

Spider: Meiki One ~Extreme White~

Please select color:
Intense Black | Extreme White

The outer case of Spider is available in two noble colors. At first we got the Intense Black varnish. The best description for this color is to define it as black piano finish. It has a really classy appearance. Furthermore we have our Extreme White version. This versions has as a glossy vivid white exterior. This nonintrusive design fits seamlessly in every shower room.

This is indeed something many have been waiting for: Spider Meiki One features a beautifully shaped camel-toe vagina!

Spider Meiki One features realistic inner- and outer vulvar. Push the outer vulvar aside to get a full view inside.

(Please click on the photo of the inner structure to download a high res version of the inner structure image. File size 1 MB.)

Spider Meiki One is the first Spider sleeve that features a dual-layer inner structure. The outer material is a smooth and soft like skin, the inner material, that simulates the mucosa, is a little firmer. Compared to other masturbators that are made from only one material, dual-layer masturbators feature a more intensive stimulation.

The tunnel itself has an innovative, organic structure with a G-spot, countless acetabulum and grooves that will ingest your lubricant and cause slippery pleasure. It is quite amazing how realistic an artificial vagina can be!

Removing the bottom cover reveals our innovative suction cup system. Everything is made of high-quality materials. We promise that our invention is made to resist every excess of passion and the hardest blows. Once the suction cup is attached properly it just can not fall off. Enjoying hands-free masturbation has never been easier before!

The angle of the case can easily be adjusted by up to 120 degrees by simply loosing the screw next to the suction cup by hand. Now choose your favorite position and then tighten the screw again. This way you can simulate various sex positions and get the proper training!

The shape of Spider’s insert nestles virtually 1:1 to the inside of the outer shell. This grants a good fit and the best possible comfort. In order to make cleaning as easy as possible the inner tunnel is not closed. This way you may just rinse the tunnel with running water. Since the insert is very massive it is effortlessly possible to turn its inside out for deep cleansing or drying.

Spider depicts a legitimate enhancements of known adult toys and raises the state of technology to a new level. That is why we are proud to say that Spider has been applied for a utility patent at the DPMA.

We are actually glad to have finally flawlessly realized our Spider project and we are very certain that you will love our product as much as we do!

You will see that Spider makes many things possible! That is why we are calling it lovingly the "Kamasutra Masturbator".

  • Weight: 874 g
  • Dimensions Insert: Length: 200 mm, min Ø 45 mm, max Ø 90 mm
  • Dimensions Outer Case: Length: 285 mm, min Ø 71 mm, max Ø 90 mm

The Fake-Check: Check whether your Spider is genuine or not.

Since spring 2013 all Spiders are equipped with a hologram sticker that contains an unique serial number. To check whether your Spider is genuine or not and you are able to submit a warranty claim in case of defect, please use our authentication system.

Please visit the following webseite and enter the seriel number on the cover. You will receive feedback immediately. Please contact us right away if there is any problem. Thank you!







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