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Die besten Masturbatoren kommen von Tomax

The world's best masturbators are probably from Tomax Japan.

Omocha Dreams ships them discreetly from Germany to the whole EU.

There are countless masturbators on the market. Some call them rubber pussies, others call them pocket pussies. The people in Japan simply call them Onahole and Japan is exactly the place were the visionary lives, who didn't just want to sell another series of masturbators – he wanted to create the world's best masturbators. His name is Hisashi Hashimoto and he lives in Osaka. Over a decade ago Hisashi Hashimoto has established one of the first online shops for sex toys in Japan. Over time he was able to gather a lot of experience and analysed his customer's feedback. It turned out that many customers had the same problems with the available masturbators. They would break quickly and many were poorly finished. Then Hisashi Hashimoto reacted and established his brand called Tomax to release its own high quality masturbator series.

  • Tomax products have the lowest return quota compared to all our other products
  • Very durable material
  • 54 different versions makes this series the most versatile one in our line
  • Choose different material firmness levels from very soft to hard
  • There is a total of 13 different inner structure from simple to very real

And our steady customers agree with Hisashi Hashimoto. Hardly anybody is just buying one Tomax masturbator. Frequently many of them are coming back to buy another one because they came to like the quality and versatility of the series. If you would touch a Tomax onahole you would instantly feel the difference. It is more stable, the surface is completely smooth and flawless. You won't see any inclusions or irregularities. And the surface only gives a hint about what lies underneath: Tomax onaholes consist of a homogenous mass which has been thoroughly manufactured to the highest quality. The return quota of this series is extremely low. That is why we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Die besten Masturbatoren kommen von Tomax

The following text is about to introduce you to the probably best sex toys for men in the entire world. And all this is absolutely true. Provable. Our customer's reviews are only part of it. Please read the reviews of our top seller from Tomax, called Venus Real, by clicking one of the following links: Please click here to read the original version (contains German and English content), or here for Google translated version. Later also make sure to check out the reviews of all other Tomax products so you get a feeling of how great these products are. Now take a deep breath and prepare yourself to read the following introduction.

The world's most versatile onahole series.

Not only are the masturbators from Tomax the most durable ones on the market, they are also the most versatile ones. There is no other onehole series available that offers as much as this one. Like no other manufacturer, Tomax has experimented with various material firmness levels. Many manufacturers completely underestimate the influence of different material firmness levels and what it means for the masturbation experience. Tomax onaholes are available from very soft to hard. The big onaholes of the brand (Venus and Muses) feature 5 firmness levels, the medium size ones (Lilith) offer 4 firmness levels and the smallest series (Succubus) let you choose amongst 3 firmness levels. Next to these masturbators, Tomax is also known for their world class breast replicas Busty Aichan and Quty Tits. In our opinion there are no similar products on the market that compare to the quality of these breast replicas.

Die besten Masturbatoren kommen von Tomax

But also the inner qualities are very sophisticated and are hardly comparable to your ordinary "rubber pussy". The tunnels of Tomax masturbators are cleverly devised and well delved. They vary from simple to very complicated which provides a lot of variety. The picture above shows one of the latest Tomax product. It is called Muses Fillo and features one of the most advanced inner structures available for masturbators. Depending on the firmness level it causes different stimulations at the glans and penis shaft which will cause an unbelievable firework of stimulation.

Let's start!

Please choose your favourite firmness levels later. The differences are very interesting and guarantee that really everybody finds the correct model for each situation. For example you may choose the soft version if you like the right masturbator for a long evening with your favourite porn movie. Customers who want to train their stamina prefer the hard versions. Check out the product sites in order to find out more about this topic.

The Tomax series at a glance


The budget onaholes of the series are called Succubus. They are made from very classic moulds. But the combination of the world's best material for masturbators, 3 different firmness levels and 4 inner structures to choose from makes these very unique. Great entry-level price and quality! Specifications: Length: 150 mm, Height: 60 mm, Width: 45 mm, Weight around 270 g.

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Succubus: Dots
Gentle nubs and wave tunnel
Succubus: Bumpy Road
The second classic
Succubus: 2D-Wavy-Ripple
Gentle grooves and wave tunnel


The Lilith series lies in the medium price category. They combine unique inner structures and a handy design. The best seller of this series is the Uterus version. Here you may choose from 4 different firmness levels. Specifications: Length: 165 mm, diameter front: 71 mm, diameter rear: 62 mm, Weight about 350 g

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Lilith: Spiral-Wave
Spiral with gentle grooves
Lilith: Spiral-Dots
Spiral with gentle nubs
Lilith: Uterus
Lifelike inner structures with uterus


The Venus masturbators belong to our top sellers for years now. Best seller of this series is the Real version, followed by Clone and Cross. The Venus onaholes have been the first of its kind to combine realistic inner structures and finest quality. Each Venus masturbator is available in 5 different firmness levels. Specifications: Length: 170 mm, Diameter front: 100 mm, Diameter rear: 70 mm, Weight about 650 g

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Venus: Clone
With realistic inner structure
Venus: Cross
Hybrid inner structure
Venus: Real
The top seller of Venus series


This is the latest series by Tomax. It goes by the name Muses. Like no other series it is inspired by nature. The Fillo version, for example, is based on the anatomy of a leaf, the Kokalo version transforms the complicated anatomy of a wing in a masturbator's inner structure. The Muses onaholes are available in 5 different firmness levels. Specifications: Length: 165 mm, Diameter front: 95 mm, Diameter rear: 75 mm, Weight about 620 g

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Muses: Arkhe
The big brother of Lilith Uterus
Muses: Fillo
Inspired by the anatomy of a leaf
Muses: Kokalo
Inspired by the anatomy of bones

Busty Aichan / Quty Tits

Tomax also used their sensational material to manufacture breast replicas. Busty Aichan is a multiple test winner and also the favourite for everybody who loves to play with breast toys. Quty Tits on the other side have been created for multiple uses. That's why hobbyists love them and of course you may also use them as inlays. The haptics are phenomenal. Busty Aichan and Quty Tits are both available in two different skin colours. Specifications can be found on each product site.

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Busty Aichan
The best breast sex toy of the world
Quty Tits
Universal cups


Tomax has released two lubricants that have been made especially for the usage with masturbators. Bubble lotion has a thick viscosity and is very abundant. This lotion can also be mixed with water to alter the viscosity level and therefore the masturbation experience. The Velvet lotion on the other hand is very fluidly which brings out the inner structure even better.

Clicking on a picture below will link you to each product site.

Bubble Lotion
high viscosity
Velvet Lotion
very fluidly

This is our promise to you

As longstanding business partner of Tomax in Europe we vouch for the quality of these products. We guarantee a long life span when used normally. Please handle the very soft versions with care though. If you love the surpassing feeling of an extremely soft masturbator, please be careful during cleaning and usage.

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